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We are here to help you have a great time on the water

Kayaking is one of the most popular outdoor activities, but for beginners, it isn’t always easy to get started.

Where should you go? How do you stay safe, kayaking is after all a water sport? What are the right techniques? What kayak should you get? Recreational, touring, or inflatable? And how about related gear? Etc etc.

Since our start in 2016, we have helped hundreds of thousands of beginning kayakers find answers to these and other questions.

We hope that you’ll find our website useful as well. If you have any questions or want to get involved in any way, send us a message or contact us on Facebook.

Our people

David De Haan, founder

David has a lifelong passion for watersports and the outdoors. David says: “I love being out on the water. No matter how stressful my day has been, when I’m on the water I’m at peace.”

e-mail: david@fantastickayaks.com

Derek K. Clark, founder

With a background in publishing, Derek enjoys sailing, kayaking, fishing and spending time with his family on the water.

e-mail: derek@fantastickayaks.com

Karen Weaver, editor

Karen enjoys many outdoor activities, such as hiking with her husband, kayaking, or reading a good book on a rainy day.

e-mail: karen@fantastickayaks.com

Thomas Mays, writer

When not writing articles for Fantastic Kayaks, Thomas can usually be found exploring new waterways and lakes in Central Florida.

e-mail: thomas@fantastickayaks.com

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